About Us

For 22 years, Pasco Maintenance has been providing dynamic solutions for the Alberta/British Colombia oil & gas industry’s diverse range of challenges. Whether it’s a facility or pipeline construction project, maintenance application, integrity check and ensuing repair, smart pigging job, reclamation effort or well abandonment, we’ve risen to meet and complete the challenge, time after time, consistently and efficiently.

We adapt to precisely address the range of goals specific to the project at hand while adhering to industry-leading safety and quality standards. This allows us to ensure an unwavering commitment to safety, while minimizing downtime and environmental impact.

With over a century of cumulative focused experience, our management team understands how the industry works. Our field personnel are among the best there are, combining knowledge and technical expertise with a level of confidence and accountability that only comes with experience, in all conditions.

We have adapted and overcome the inevitable hurdles faster than the competition, with greater efficiency. Because we’ve been there. We’ve done it. We’ve grown from the ground up. We are your solution. We are Pasco. Let our results speak for themselves.

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